Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas lights and bubbles

A lot of people haul out champagne for the holidays; it's like that, it's suggestive. I, however, as someone who guzzles the stuff at every wine bar and restaurant and private residence in the land, rejoicing when a muzzle is offed and a conic cork removed—well, you'd think I would turn a sour eye at all the transient enthusiasm.

Hell, no. Are you, dearest reader, senseless? (I think not, and thank god this is only a rhetorical turn, because you, dearest reader who makes my blog worth continuing, are crazy like a fox.) Far from pooh-poohing the seasonal gold rush, I embrace it with all the more fervor. Everybody else wants to, too! More for all! More deliciousness!

Do it, it's les fêtes! Order another bottle of Lassaigne, of Prévost, of Egly-Ouriet, of Tarlant, holy crow. Get out the Bérèche, the Boulard, the Françoise Bedel, that crazy Vouette et Sorbée fizz. Remember your stash of Veuve Fourny, some stockpiled Gaston Chiquet or that vintage Jean Milan. Crack the new year open with Chartogne-Taillet or Diebolt-Vallois. Decide you don't have to afford to replace Selosse, 'cause it tastes so good now.

In that spirit, and in the spirit of my calamitous blog sparseness, which I intend to correct with the new year, I am currently enjoying a brand new site by the Boston-based champagnophile Peter Czyryca, Recent Disgorgements.

I would also love to hear, in my pruriently curious way, what anyone traipsing through this post might have in mind to drink, champagne-wise, for the night that turns this year into 2011.


peter said...

Thanks for the kind mention, mon amie!

I never drink Champagne unless the day ends in a "y."

I need to figure out what special bottle I'm opening for Christmas Eve. I'm not a particularly religious guy, unless randomly dropping to my knees and bowing in the general direction of Vilmart counts as such.

I'm thinking maybe a magnum of NV Billiot Brut Reserve as there are usually several thisty mouths and one bottle will go much too quickly.

For the last day of 2010, I think I'm going with two Chartogne Taillet wines, the 2002 Fiacre and the 2002 Brut.

Too bad I can't "recreate" the tasting on January 1, 2010 here. What deliciousness!

cécile said...

i like peter's magnum !

i will open jacquesson 734...

Anonymous said...

Good to see you posting again.

This household will be enjoying some 2000 Bollinger.


David McDuff said...

Now that you mention it, I have a bottle of Bérèche "Reflet d'Antan" that's been beckoning. Perhaps a '97 "Fleur de Passion" from Diebolt? Or maybe it's finally time to sacrifice my last '92s from José Michel. We shall see....

Florida Jim said...

Have you encountered (or written about) the N/V Cedric Bouchard, La Parcelle (sp?)?
I had it recently and enjoyed it so much that I bought several for my cellar.
And I am not a big bubbles fan - but I thought this wine was extraordinary.
Best, Jim

Anonymous said...

1996 Gaston Chiquet, left in haste by a sulphurous snot, after performing a vivisection on my entrails. A lovely parting gift.

TWG said...

Your bimonthly post just in time for the Holidays. I'm not sure what I'll open, maybe the Cuvee Rubis.

SJP said...

It will be our good fortune to sip and slurp a Vouette et Sorbee "Fidele" Extra Brut, NV, since you asked.

James said...

'Decide you don't have to afford to replace Selosse, 'cause it tastes so good now.'

I love it!!!

Horny Goat Weed said...

Boring as usual: Chardonnay :/ but o'well we do have a fair few bottles of the stuff :D