Thursday, December 31, 2009

Fizz, fizz

For all those who have an unquenchable thirst for more about champagne, surf away immediately to the excellent website Paris By Appointment Only and peruse my roundup of some fine bubbles I'll try to be drinking again post haste in 2010.


Jeff and Mandy said...

Extremely good info, even better writing, and the keenest of eyes for value off the beaten path. Thank you. Having difficulty finding these wines of which you speak so highly. Germany sticks to a very limited, albeit stellar group of growers: Larmandier-B, Gimonnet, Vilmart, et al. This Paris Stocklist you appears to be a source list for great Champagne (in Paris). To your knowledge, do any of them offer wide-ranging shipping options, say, to Germany? Desperate to taste the wines of Lassaigne and Prevost, but zero availability here.
Would love to hear your input--
Body und Soil

Scott Reiner said...

nice piece!

Anonymous said...

That 02 Diebolt Vallois FdP was first wine of the decade. We're not touching our other couple of bottles for 5-10 years though. Its a pretty impressive ball of potential energy.

Nice list.

Brian C