Sunday, June 28, 2009

Natural and unnatural activities

It has been pointed out to me that of late, I have been doing more of the tactile (tasting, drinking) approach to wine than the cerebral (writing). That must change, now, as I have agreed to parnter up with VLM, of the stupendous wine blog The Vulgar Little Monkey Translucency Report, for a pair of posts about natural wines.

This we are doing as part of saignée blogger Cory Cartwright's month of guest scribblings. The man has been bold enough to ask mad vinous web log scribes to churn out prose on the topic of, funnily enough, natural wines. It may be an unnatural turn of events for a blog you never thought would see the word "fuck" used on it, but a natural affinity for natural wines can churn up all kinds of unnatural antimatter, now can't it?

I mull this over as I sit here letting the last vapors of a hangover produced by quite a bouquet of natural wines waft away from my being. I am at the keyboard ready to sing of the rosy-fingered dawn of orange wines.

The posts go up tomorrow as part of the series that's running on the site linked to below.

As Joe Dressner would say: Enjoy.


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