Monday, March 09, 2009

Fresh fruit

Spring is here. It's over sixty degrees out! (Fahrenheit, for those of you in the Anglo-Saxon world.) And what better way to bask in the newfound warmth than to open some fresh whites – and fresh reds.

I'd chilled the 2007 Lapierre Morgon. It came out of the fridge. So it was no wonder that at first, it was muted and basically said "Brr!" to the palate. But the table is warm. Conviviality is warm. And with half an hour in the glass, with the ambient temperature pushing it past the threshold of coldness into gentle coolness, this wine flowered.

A lovely, fruity, fresh Morgon that suddenly buzzed and sparked with all kinds of tinder. God, this was gorgeous. God, I took another sip and sipped in air and sloshed it around my mouth and loved it. I treated that wine with attention, as its finely unfurling gamay fruit merited.

Perhaps I had been too zealous in its chilling, one could argue. But then, it's always a fine trick to see the dove fly out of the hat.

This was definitely a dove-out-of-the-hat experience.


Gavin said...

This is one of my favourite wines at the moment. I drink it almost every day, as it is served by the glass at my local bar à vin here in Beaune.

The remarkable thing about the Lapierre is how amazingly pure the nose is. It is truly beautiful.

Look out for Foillard's Morgon as well.

Sharon said...

Ooh, yes, I love the 2007 Foillard. Gorgeous wine.

Vinotas said...

Oooh, Foillard ROCKS. Yum!

Dirty / Hardy said...

Just had the 06 and it was stunning-
My buddy described it as a "strawberry odyssey"....

ah yeah.

Samantha Dugan said...

It took me years to "get" Beaujolais, was not until tasting through young, hard as nails Burgundy, (in Burgundy) for 4 days on a Kermit Lynch buying trip. When we made our way to Beaujolais, sat down with "The Gang", platters of perfectly cured pork products in front of sip and my palate came alive again, then it hit me, these wines are all about freshness. Light bulb went off and now I am in love. Lapierre is hands down my favorite.

Mead said...

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