Monday, January 05, 2009


Empty bottles are everywhere! The carnage of holiday celebrations strews the floors and sidewalks and window-ledges of the world!

And I haven't written a post in some time, which needs quick remediation.

Now, as wine is something essentially convivial, it's all the better to have the best of good excuses to open things that "need a reason." Of course, I would argue that things don't necessarily need a reason - but I'm somewhat full of hot air in stating that, because you don't see me uncorking a Rousseau Chambertin when I'm home alone, now, do you? (Well, I'd make sure the shutters were closed.)

But crisis arises when it's time to navigate the multiple wants and tastes of multiple parties at a convivial, wine-involved affair. And, tragically, several people I know and often engage in conviviality with are averse to Burgundy, of one or both colors. (Note to self: try Marsannay rosé on them?)

So I consider it a small triumph to have garnered approval from Catherine, she who shakes her head at any and all Côte d'Or pinot noir up through and to (wait for it) La Tâche (why wasn't I there that day her generous friend opened it, instead?). We drank a 2005 C. & Cl. Maréchal Chorey-lès-Beaune, all masterful, streamlined fruit and acidity and gorgeously suave. She nodded her head: she liked it!

And for a moment, there was harmony.

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Wine Blog said...

That's how my house looked after the celebrations too! Lots of empties laying around. Lots of people brought cheap Champagne, but I did see a few Dom bottles scattered about as well.