Saturday, November 29, 2008

Rosy thoughts & ameliorations

So, a kindly reader of this blog has asked me via private correspondence why I gave no mention of my rank in the world of wine bloggism.

Here goes, then.

Google's Top 100 Wine Blogs
shows that Sharon's Wine Blog* is #6 and is the first "independent" on the list.

So, now that I have acceded to such rare heights, I would like to inquire of my readers what thoughts they may have about my blog's current format and structure.

Suggestions for improvements? Exhortations to stay the same? Bottles to send my way, just 'cause?

Thanks to all of you for reading me and following me in my vinous exploits and explorations, in any case. You are the best.

*Note the Ouroboros-style link.


Anonymous said...

I really like your pictures.


Joe said...

Why in the world would you mess with a good thing? And what do we know about blogs, anyway?

Joe said...

In truth, I have to be a little suspicious of methodology that does not turn up Joe Dressner's blog in the top 100.

Not that he'd be close to #6 or anything, natch.

Samantha Dugan said...

I really enjoy your blog, the style, the writing, the pictures and the warmth with which you share your wine notes...very human and relatable. I read each story with interest, (and envy) and look forward to the next.

Francis B said...

Dear Sharon,

every 2 - 3 weeks I visit your 2 blogs (english and french),
as I do with all my favourite blogs
- Growers: Iris Lisson in Langudoc, my champenois friends Tarlant, Chartogne and Laherte, other regions Champs des Treilles, Vin Dubrey, in order to know the news about the growing in the vineyards, the wine-making in the cellars ... and more.
- Some wine-enthusiasts or wine-writers-journalists as italian Aristide and Lizzy, other english and american Peter Liem, Brooklyn Guy, the australian Champagne Evangelist - Victor P., le Blog d'Olif, Méchant Raisin, ... some others and yours.
In order to know more about their favourites wines, ... the life-style, their thoughts about the wine-world and their own wine-world.

It's a nice window on the wine-world and people.

By the way,
If we do :
''Google top 100 vin blogs ...''
on the search engine ...
unfortunatly there is no reply,
not at all result.... nothiing !
I am understanding, that for speaking about du Vin / Wine,
it's necessary to speak english.
Google do not understand the french language about wine // vin.

As you are understanding,
this example,
again it's a good reason to visit blogs as yours and others...
in order to know more about the vine-growing, wine-making, trade,
rules ... and more ... all about the Wine-World.

All the Best,
Bien amicalement,


d2fang said...

Miss Sharon, you're absolutely my favourite blogger. How I wish I could spend a week drinking through France with you! Your insights and tastes are extraordinary, and I've learned more about Champagne from reading your blog than anywhere else.

Please keep up the fantastic work, and please never stop writing!

Sharon said...

Well, how rosy indeed! Thanks for all of the kind comments.

Chicago Wine said...

Congrats on number 6, we're number 47..hee hee.

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Anonymous said...

don't change a thing.


Wine Bloke said...

Maybe you could get away from Blogger?

Obpoet said...

I think it is the combination of two seductions, wine and women. Descriptions of wine at best are veiled, and the crescent views of your face, never close to full on, leave the reader and viewer, desperately wondering what the full experience would be like, to the mouth and to the eye.