Monday, August 04, 2008

Veering into Bordeaux

I've made a radical decision. Yes: I am going to drink Bordeaux.

Thursday, a bunch of friends are coming over, and we're going to open some bottles, share some cheese and other victuals. But the theme, if any, has yet to be defined. We met up two weeks ago at Lavinia and sounded a couple of Champagnes off each other (tasty NV Ulysse Collin Extra-Brut and 2000 Pierre Gimonnet Oenophile Extra-Brut), follwed by two red Burgundies.

These friends are wine-curious but fairly new to the game of grape varieties or blends, regions, appellations, and crus. "I know Bordeaux, in general," Sara said.

And, well, that's about all I can say for myself, other than a few catch-phrases. Paulliac pencil lead! Cedar, cigar box, tobacco, who knows what else? My hands-on (palate-on) knowledge is slim. So, I have to strike forth. Let's see what's really going on here.

Because, after all, it's summertime. Life can loosen its collar. It's warm, not hot. Why not head up the Gironde? Sip some Left Bank on the Left Bank?

And that way, I won't be the only person who's had more Pinot d'Aunis than Cabernet Sauvignon in the past year.

P.S. Suggestions welcome...


Eric said...

Domaine de Jaugaret, Saint-Julien, I highly recommend it! Saw it on the list at Le Severo in the 14th when I was in Paris

Scott Reiner said...

second jaugaret. its fantastic! haut segottes from st em is beautiful. moulin de tricot from margaux and haut medoc. moulin-pey labrie and ch moulin, both made by the wonderful gregoire hubau.

these are all traditionally styled bordeaux. no ****erized cali wannabes.

Bill said...

no suggestions, but would love to crash the party (sans enfants, as we have a sitter!) or otherwise see you! our family of 4 is in paris 'til sunday. if thursday is out perhaps saturday would be a possibility, en famille? we'd love to get together!

i tried to email you via nyu, to no avail.
you could call on my temporary portable bisous! cathy

Sharon said...

As it turns out, this evening's intended Bordeaux tasting has been shelved - in favor of a trip to Chinon (at least that's a Cabernet... of a certain stripe...).

Eric, interesting you should suggest this - it is one of the few Bordeaux I've had lately - had a glass at Le Comptoir and found it very enjoyable.

Scott, I'll also check out the other suggestions.

Cathy, hello! It looks like I will unfortunately miss you in Paris. I'll give you a call.

mary said...

Lynch-Bages (Pauillac) - any vintage. This is a 5th estate that drinks like a second or even a first. Used to be fairly cheap but has gotten more expensive - but still worth it.

Smith-Haute-Lafitte (Pessac-Léognan) - any vintage. Wonderful balance between fruit and tannins.

Chateau Talbot (St. Julien) - any vintage. Really nice quality wine for the price...and a producer whose prices have remained relatively low over the years. A nice way to break into Bordeaux without breaking into the bank.

I just discovered your blog (I love it) and have been happily reading it backwards. I realize this is a year old post...but I could not resist adding my own Bordeaux recommendations. I have suggested mid level priced wines that were not cheap plonk nor extremely expensive.