Tuesday, July 08, 2008


Sometimes it's good to come back to what draws us to wine. This week, I couldn't bring myself to post here, because I felt defeated by the ever-unfurling tidal waves of high-end wine grandstanding on a bulletin board I participate on. I had conflicting feelings of wanting only to post about cheapies (yum, that Gamay de Touraine!) or else just let it drop entirely.

I've been drinking some good wines lately, though, so it would be a shame to slip away into some bubbly netherland and never make a peep about what can be, and so often is, an alchemical experience: the sharing of fine wine, the joy and headiness of pleasure.

So, fittingly, I had a dinner at my place with a bunch of friends. The talk and laughter got so loud I had to close the window. We poured some stuff, a 1999 Pierre Moncuit Vieilles Vignes, a 2000 Ruinart, a 2004 Laroche Chablis 1er Cru "Fourneaux," a 2001 Henri Germain Meursault 1er Cru "Charmes," a 1999 Denis Thomas Vosne-Romanée.

I can still taste the roundness of the Ruinart against a caramelized shallot tart I'd prepared. And the sharp tangle of citrus and light grassy straw in the Laroche Chablis sounded off perfectly against shrimp in coconut milk.

We finished the evening with a massive lashing of cheeses, trying to coax the Vosne-Romanée out of its tight-fisted, tightly coiled slumber, and appreciating the absolute balance of the Meursault.

Then we had two warring strawberry tarts (a planning mixup, but amusing that C. brought one too), and were all drunk and merry. As it should be.


Florida Jim said...

"I felt defeated by the ever-unfurling tidal waves of high-end wine grandstanding on a bulletin board I participate on."

It can be daunting but those of us who (to use your metaphor) swim in the shallows or even bottom feed are a great comfort to far more readers there than you might think.
One ups-manship is a dreary game played by insecure folks - never give them a second thought.
Best, Jim

David M. said...


I agree! Good hard working cheaper wines that have a story to tell go better with my lifestyle than stratosphericially priced and highly regarded icons that I would feel guilty about if purchased.

Besides, it supports the grower, be it champagne or Barossa shiraz.
David M. xox

peter said...

I've received more good drink tips from Sharon and Jim combined than the goofballs jockeying for "first sip of 1998 Krug drunk stateside."


Nancy Deprez said...

Sounds like such a lovely evening! Those wines sound high-end and fabulous, not cheapies, wow!

I'm imagining huge piles of cheese followed by 2 gorgeous strawberry tarts - yum!