Sunday, March 23, 2008

Pop! And, crash...

Friday night, we had a lot of wine, preceded by a lot of champagne. A bottle of NV Raymond Boulard Tradition Brut Nature opened the door for our debauchery: steely pinot excellence. Next up was the old standby I am always glad to repop, NV Pierre Moncuit Grand Cru "Moncuit-Delos." Then we went through a bottle of NV Charles Cazanove, which I found too common and indifferently dosaged.

*Cue sinister music*

I had put my favorite to chill in the freezer, because Sara was going to be late and we were running out of everything bubbles.

NV Fallet-Prévostat Extra-Brut. Now that, which I had first tasted last week, is one heady, vinous blanc de blancs from Avize. I was dying to taste it again.

This morning, of course, two days later I found it. (See picture, above.)

On a more positive note, I got to test run the Zaltos, which were thin enough to be like a blade against one's lip and gave an incredibly expressive and sharp take on the champagne in the glass.

But it's hard to judge calmly with so much banter and commotion (not that I have anything against friends and revelry... au contraire). So my new party line (Arnaud, take note) is that I need to try another bottle of champagne in the very near future, just to confirm and hone my first impressions.

And not be such a dolt with the chilling method.


Vinotas said...

OUCH!!!! That happened to me once, so from then on whenever I try to cool a bottle down in the freezer I always set a timer.

Can't wait to hear about the Zaltos...

twaldmann said...

I have had the same experience. But I actually heard this deep, muffled "THUD!" at the moment the bottle broke. Very annoying!

J@VLG said...

Lesson learned. I have taken to only using an ice bucket with water. said...

IMO Fallet-Prevostat is quite a find. It's being run by an elderly couple and they make only two cuvees, both Blanc-de-Blanc, brut and extra-brut. Also, its a fun place to visit, as we tasted their wines together with the local gendarmerie. Not surpisingly no website, but good prices.

Cheers, Paul