Thursday, January 10, 2008

Wherein sex is tentatively pencilled in

OK, I still haven't opened a condom to ruminate on wine pairings. It could be like some rap video, in grainy film and yellowish light with a big 4x4 in the background, filling condoms with Cristal until they explode.

The pace of things has gotten ahead of me and I'm barely able to juggle the different projects going on, let alone add new twists to my, uh, down time...

So I opened a bottle of 2000 J.-P. Mugneret Hautes-Côtes-de-Nuits "XL" (wait a second; XL... hm...) yesterday evening to go with porcini ravioli. This is a wine he aged in its (old) barrels until a year ago; it has an extra smoothness and density to it. Good, round, if somewhat drying pinot-y-ness. Nice fare, but not to be stored for an eternity. Of six, this was the last bottle. As Jacques Brel would say, "Au suivant!"

It made me think, too, about how my wine tastes are evolving, or becoming more demanding. I guess like anyone who learns something about a given topic, niggles start worming out of the woodwork. The top-ten list of someone who goes to the movies a lot but has never seen any classics might not carry much weight in the grander scheme of film appreciation, and if that person started boning up on older reels and art film, he himself might look back at what he thought was superb cinema with a more critical eye. So, too, with wine. Though I still enjoy a really pure, direct Sauvignon Blanc from the Loire. Poured a neat 2006 Jacques Rouzé Quincy with some blackened shrimp on Saturday. Satisfying.

So - how many veiled references to sex did you find in this post?


SFJoe said...

As any old-fashioned analyst could tell you, once you start looking you can find sex pretty much anywhere.

Ben said...

Well, "niggles" sounds vaguely sexual. I was going to say "blackened shrimp," but I don't think that that is right at all!

Sharon said...

Ha ha!