Friday, October 12, 2007

Champagne tracker

OK, my back's to the wall. After giving Arnaud no end of grief about the fact that all of his friends (or their girlfriends or live-ins or wives) have a steady supply of champagne in their fridges, to open at whim - or in some cases, perpetually open, drunk, and replaced - Arnaud has assured me that I am getting if not my fill of champagne, then at least a goodly amount, as a general rule.

We were in London when this issue cropped up again. I was laughing over the fact that while waiting for him to finish up a meeting, I went to a wine bar in the City and ordered a glass of champagne. The barman said to me, completely serious, "Are you sure you wouldn't like the whole bottle?"

Yes, I was laughing a little over the excesses of wine and alcohol consumption in England - even I felt out of my depth, which is saying something... but also talking about how it was nice to have champagne, ostensibly "for a change."

Arnaud put me to the challenge. "When we get back to Paris," he said, "You are going to write a little 'C' on the calendar each time you have champagne."

So I held myself to it. We've been back in Paris for nearly a week. And to my shame, I have to admit that the C's are starting to roll in...

A nice bottle of NV A. Margaine Brut 1er Cru, by the way, last night with some friends...


Max Veenhuyzen said...

Gday! Just stumbled across your site and loved it, will continue to follow your exploits!


Sharon said...

Thanks! Great to have you along for the ride. (Beware, lots of champagne ahead...) ;)