Friday, September 29, 2006

Ebay and wine

Today someone on Mark Squires' Bulletin Board posted a startled link to a wine sale offered on Ebay. "RARE VINTAGE COLLECTIBLE LOUIS JADOT WINE BOTTLES." On closer clicking, the rare vintage collectible bottles turned out to be two 1991 Beaujolais Villages, one of which had a cork that had pushed through the capsule and was extruding, the other straining against it in a heat and bad storage hell of its own. The starting price? $799.99!

The ad caught like a fishbone my throat - between laughing and horror. Two bottles of over-the-hill Beaujolais for $800? And to entice potential purchasers even more, the seller had noted: "ESTIMATED VALUE $1,000 to $3,500." Estimated by whom?!

Will someone actually buy this? My first thought was that no one with a wine budget high enough to afford these two rotten beauties would even give them a glance.

But what if someone with a truly high spending limit is looking for a gift for a wine-loving friend, himself knowing nothing about matters oenological? What if that someone falls for this?

This is eating me up. I can tell that I will be clicking on the Ebay link more than once between now and the closing time...


David said...

Sharon - this is a way people move ____ money around ... fill in the blank. Hello from Squires Board!

Anonymous said...

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